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Rape Charges in Kansas City

The sex crime of rape carries with it some of the most severe penalties provided by law. If you face prosecution for this offense, the Jacoby Law Firm strongly recommends that you make no statements to prosecutors or investigators without first consulting with an experienced Kansas City criminal defense lawyer who has a proven track record of success in criminal defense matters. You may be innocent but what you say to the police can be used by a prosecutor to help establish your guilt. Attorney Shanna Jacoby focuses exclusively on defending persons accused of serious criminal acts, such as rape. From her work as a prosecutor she knows the criminal justice system and what it takes to produce favorable results in cases such as yours.

In our state, rape is generally defined as sexual intercourse with another by the use of forcible compulsion. This can include the use of a substance that causes the victim to be physically or mentally impaired and thus incapable of giving informed consent to sexual intercourse. There are various forms of rape that you can be prosecuted for, depending on the exact circumstances of your case. A companion charge, sexual assault, is when an individual has intercourse with another without their consent. The use of a deadly weapon, the infliction of serious bodily harm, certain sexual acts, the age of the victim and other factors will determine how you are charged and the harshness of the penalties you face.


Penalties for Rape in Kansas City

There are no light sentences when it comes to conviction for a rape charge. If you are found or plead guilty to forcible rape or the attempt to do so, sentencing will not be suspended or its execution held off. Your selection of an experienced attorney becomes, therefore, vital to your freedom. Conviction for forcible rape is a felony for which you will face a prison sentence of not less than 5 years up to life behind bars. If you used a weapon or the crime resulted in physical injury, the minimum sentence will be 15 years of incarceration. You face a minimum of 30 years if the victim of the rape was less than 12 years of age.

Individuals can be falsely accused of rape. At times it is discovered that a person has been found to have made false claims of rape in the past and has continued this pattern into the present. Sometimes, an individual will attempt to make money in an unethical manner by alleging rape when none has factually occurred. For various reasons, sex that was consensual will later be portrayed as rape. The Jacoby Law Firm digs to find the truth and expose this to get your charges dismissed or to produce an acquittal at trial.

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