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Driving with a Suspended License in Kansas City

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Getting caught driving with a suspended or revoked license (also known as a DWR charge) can have severe consequences. In some instances, driving while your license is suspended or revoked can even be a felony offense. If you have received a citation for this charge, you should immediately call a knowledgeable Kansas City criminal defense attorney from the firm today to learn your legal options and what can be done to defend your case.

When the Department of Revenue (DOR) "suspends" a person's driver license in the State of Missouri, it means that person cannot legally drive for a determined amount of time but it will be less than one year. If a person's driver license is "revoked," it means that person cannot drive legally for a specific amount of time but it will be more than one year.


Penalties for Driving with a Suspended License

A person's driver license can be suspended or revoked for a number of reasons. A judge may issue a driver's license suspension order due to an individual's failure to comply with a court order or to pay child support. Not paying parking tickets and/or failure to appear in court can also bring about a suspension or revocation. The Missouri Department of Revenue may also administratively suspend a driver's license. This typically occurs as a result of a driver committing traffic offenses and accumulating too many points within a certain period of time for moving violations or if a person has been arrested for a DWI.

In the State of Missouri, if you plead guilty to or are convicted of the charge of Driving While your license is Revoked or Suspended, then you will receive twelve (12) points on your driver's license. As a result, your license will be revoked for one (1) year. A Driving While Revoked charge is normally a class A misdemeanor. Depending on a person's driving record, however, a Driving While Revoked charge can be enhanced to a felony.

If you are not sure if your license is revoked or suspended, you should call an attorney at our firm to get advice. It is highly recommended that you get the legal assistance you need as quickly as possible. The firm has successfully resolved hundreds of DWR charges and knows what needs to be done to avoid having this conviction on your record.

Contact a Kansas City criminal defense lawyer if you are facing prosecution for a driving while revoked charge and need experienced protection of your rights.

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