Sex Crimes

Sex Crime Lawyer in Kansas City

Criminal Defense for Sex Offenses

Nowhere are the services of a hard-hitting Kansas City criminal defense attorney more necessary than when you have been accused of any type of sex crime. Attorney Shanna Jacoby has experience on all sides of the criminal justice system can be used to your advantage if you are being prosecuted for a sex offense. She is able to negotiate with prosecutors for improved plea bargains or utilize his knowledge if your case must proceed to trial.

Sex crimes such as rape, sexual assault, child molestation, indecent exposure, possession of child pornography, endangering the welfare of a child, internet sex offenses, prostitution and others carry stiff penalties. In addition to large fines, probation and incarceration, you may suffer mandatory lifetime registration as a sex offender. Registration gives the public access to your records which can affect your ability to obtain housing and take advantage of certain educational and employment opportunities. Just as important, it can have a devastating effect on relationships and association with family and friends.


Defense Against Sex Crime Charges

Being accused of a sex crime does not deny you the same basic rights that other citizens enjoy. It will take an effective defense, however, to secure and protect those rights. With specific sex crimes, you will be charged with a Class A or B felony, with terms in prison for many years, up to life in prison. In limited cases, a life sentence can be given without the possibility of parole, probation or conditional release. Your defense begins with a thorough examination of all police reports, witness statements, search warrants and other pertinent information that lead to your arrest and charges. At times, evidence against you can be suppressed if the Jacoby Law Firm can show that search and seizure in your case was illegally done. Where possible, our firm strives to cast significant doubt as to your guilt and the reliability of the evidence against you.

Contact a Kansas City sex crime lawyer if you face sex crime charges and need aggressive legal representation.

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