Kansas City Violent Crime Lawyer

Prosecution of Violent Crimes

Law enforcement and prosecutors are driven to obtain convictions against those accused of crimes of violence. Their intensity and motivation will need to be matched or bettered by a Kansas City criminal defense lawyer in order to have a successful outcome to your case. Experience and hard-hitting strategies based on detailed investigation, research and preparation are the keys to criminal defense.

Offenses such as vehicular assault, burglary, carjacking, robbery, sex crimes like rape or sexual assault, murder, manslaughter, assault and battery, certain weapons charges and others are considered violent crimes. These acts are ones in which force or the threat of it was used against a victim. In some cases, the emphasis may not have been on an intentional violent act but violence was used in order to commit a crime, such as in armed robbery.


Defending Violent Crime Charges in Kansas City Missouri

With the experience of our firm, being charged with a violent crime does not have to result in your being found guilty. In many cases, improper or illegal actions by law enforcement can be exposed. Unlawful search and seizure of your property may render the evidence against you unusable by the prosecution. The opposition must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Strong challenges to the weak points in a prosecutor's case can, in some cases, result in a finding of "not-guilty" on your behalf.

When guilt is beyond any doubt, understanding all aspects of the criminal justice system permits our attornies to negotiate with prosecutors in such a way as to obtain better plea offers. If this occurs in your case, it can significantly reduce the penalties you are given. It is important that our firm begins working quickly on your case. The more time spent in review and analysis of your case, the better the chances for a positive result.

Violent crimes are prosecuted and sentenced seriously. Immediately contact a Kansas City violent crime attorney if you face charges for any crime of violence.

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